Great New Powershell V3 Cmdlets

Andy Schneider’s Blog about Windows PowerShell has an older post (Sept 2011 – Shows how out of touch I’ve been with the strides that PowerShell has made) that mention some of the new features of PowerShell V3.0 .  I haven’t had a lot of time to play with 3.0 lately but I noticed in the post I have linked that there is a new cmdlet called “Invoke-WebRequest”.  The referencing TechNet article for the cmdlet is here.  I can only imagine the possibilities with parsing through web data with this cmdlet.  You can return body text, field values, etc all in an object-oriented fashion.  I will try to post an example early next week as I defintely plan on playing with this!!  I was doing something similar in 2.0 but it was a nightmare having to custom write a bunch of code that this new cmdlet will eliminate the need for.   Stay tuned!!!

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